A Flapper

A Flapper
A "Partay" Girl of the 1920s

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another Flapper Pudding Recipe

I have not made this one but it looks good too.

Frontier's Rest
Bed and Breakfast Inn

Manitou Springs, Colorado

Heritage Recipe

Flapper Pudding

"My grandmother, Edith Blanche Findley, used to make this dessert. She said it got its name because "even a flapper could make this!" Jeanne Vrobel, the host of Frontier's Rest


1 cup fine vanilla wafer crumbs

3/4 cup butter, softened

2 cups sifted confectioner's sugar

2 egg yolks (at room temperature)

2 stiffly beaten egg whites (at room temperature)

One 9-ounce can of crushed pineapple (drained well)

1/2 cup chopped pecans

Spread half of vanilla wafer crumbs on bottom of pan (10 x 6 x 2 inches). Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add egg yolks. Beat for 1 minute. Fold in egg whites. Beat until smooth -- about 15 seconds. Fold in pineapple and nuts. Top with crumbs. Refrigerate until firm -- at least 5 hours. Cut into 10 squares. Garnish with cherries.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yellow Creek Old Goat Swap Shop


Thanks for visiting the Old Goat at Yellow Creek.

You may or may not know, but I sell vintage items on Etsy:


Please visit my shop so you can see the kind of items I like to buy and sell.

Things that are sold on Etsy must be either handmade or vintage. Vintage, to Etsy, means at least 20 years old.

I have some nice things that are not 20 years old. Some of you might like them. I am making this post primarily for my Facebook friends who live nearby as shipping items is often a drag in many ways.

I have sold some things on Craigslist, but it seems that this site has also introduced me to a disproportionally large number of nuts. Seems like few if any of my FB friends are nuts, or, if they are, have not revealed it yet. It is also okay to tell your friends about this (if they are Not Nuts).

Remember at the top of the page, I asked you to look at my Etsy site. If you want to buy something, that would be dandy, BUT not necessary. What I want to do at the Old Goat Swap Shop is TRADE you for some vintage postcards or black and white photos you might have or can obtain. As I said earlier they have to be 20 years old or older. Photos need to be black and white because for the most part color prints are worth zip (unless you have a pic of Bigfoot or something similar in which case I would contact National Enquirer.) Color postcards are fine as well as black and white.

They way the Paper Ephemera biz works is that you acquire many items and most are worthless, but once in a while you find something quirky and interesting that someone will pay you a couple of dollars for. So I would probably want a shoebox full of photos for a nice watch for example. I have learned a good deal doing this. Some of it flies in the face of logic. For example, OLD does not necessarily mean valuable. Likewise, not so old may be worth something.

If you have a rare of picture of Grandma, you likely don't want to swap that with the Old Goat, but if you are like me, you may have that shoebox, or a couple of albums with pictures of people that you can in no way identify. That would be a good candidate to trade with me. They need not be people pictures. Sometimes no people is better. For example, pictures of Ferries (not tooth, the kind that carry cars across rivers) are sought after.

If Etsy looks like something you might like to do; indeed it might be. Lots of folks enjoy making and selling their crafts on Etsy. The good news is that it does not cost much at all to start your Etsy business. Even selling at a flea market or craft fair will cost much more. That is the good news.

The bad news is that you cannot just build your electronic shop and people will start placing lots of orders. There are about 200,000 people selling stuff on Etsy so there is a great deal of competition. So if Etsy looks like a way to give yourself an ancillary financial shot in the arm, it "might" be but is likely not. I made no sales at all for the first month. Actually, I think this is kind of fun. If I had to worry about making enough Etsy money to pay the rent each month, I think it would be NO fun at all.

Back to my plan. I think (and hope) it is a win-win situation. Both you and I will be able to get something we want without spending money. I am not going to be placing lots of items here. There will just be a few and they will be nice .... nice enough that you would feel good about giving as a gift and just as a donation to someone who you think might like it.

If you want to contact me, do so through Facebook or at elmobsp@comcast.net. There is a GMAIL address for me on various pages, but I don't check it that often.

So what is available as the first "private" offering to FB friends:

1. The Complete First Season of BIG LOVE

This item is in Like New shape - great writing - great TV drama. It is about Mormons, but some are horny Mormons so this is not something to flip to the babysitter as you are heading out to Gianni's.

2. Complete Series - TIME LIFE - The Third Reich - About 20 Volumes - ALL OF THEM - You often see a book here or there, but it is rare to find a complete set. Check out eBay if you wish. If you do find a complete set, grab hold of your pacemaker as you view the shipping cost.

Some people just cannot get enough NAZIs and Hitler and SS, etc. Kib ... we are talking about you. You probably know such a person, and if you give them this set they will be happy as a clam.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Facing "Fear of Facebook"

As an old goat who spends a good deal of time at home, social sites are attractive in that you might get to meet some new nice folks.

The first one I tried was nice. Many members had music on there sites. In fact there was music everywhere. It was easy to be friends with niche bands you have just learned of. Made some friends to write forth and back to as well.

But that first site soon began to morph. There were home pages six feet long. Giant winged angels appeared everywhere. I felt I should put on some lingerie before posting.

Then a second try with a social site that let you accumulate points for commenting on the posts and photos of others. This created a community of lemmings rushing around, leaving insipid posts in hope of copping a point. I had hoped this one would be fertile ground for civil conversations about matters of the day. It was not. Instead, a pit of name calling and stupidity. At the end I did not even want to hear from those who agreed with me.

The enter FACEBOOK. I liked it. Still do. Have reconnected with childhood pals and former students. They have a good way to share photos too. Not much arguing ... at least the way I do it.

Some friends and family think that FB is too nosy and they avoid the site and putting any info there. I don't have anything on FB that you could not find out about me with minimal search skills. But if you are not comfortable with being on FB, by no means be there.

My only complaint at present is that I wish part of FB could be a forum for civil discussion of interesting topics. By this I mean talk shared by people with common interest or experience. For example, I think that single moms might have things to share and write about. They would not agree about everything. Nobody does. But they would have a place to start.

I find conversations painful that just rehash what your favorite talking head said on the tube last night to someone who favors another head. I quit watching heads.

Another widespread format on FB is the premature erudition thread. This form may be the backbone of FB. I take a quick look at FB two or three times a day for 5 - 10 miutes. I see the PE thread often. But don't think I protest this presentation too much. It is not a threat to our nation or the children among us. It is just something that could be much better. Here is how the premature erudition thread works. It starts out slow and uninteresting and then rapidly grinds to a halt.

An example:

Chad - woooooaaaaa, just got up and scratched my butt... got to get me some coffee

Buffy - i heard that

Chad - i love me some coffee

Sid - me too - wish I had some RAT now

Buffy - lol

Chad -tripped over cat!

Sid - did you get coffee on the cat

Buffy - lmao


About this time, thread will stop

FBers - we can do better.

Monday, August 02, 2010

You may find this odd. Maybe it is. A little company in Canada will pay you 5 dollars through PayPal to start your own store. The Catch? That would be that you have to list 20 items to sell. The items must be handmade or over 20 years old. Most everything I have is over twenty years old so no problem. Also, I make no money if you should decide to do this.

As of the date of this writing, this offer is in force. I have no idea how long it will remain so.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Pantha's Chicken

Hey, Bro, I know this is tad over your 3 item limit ... but it seems pretty easy.

Pantha's Chicken

: 20 minutes
Serves: 4


2 tbsp. butter or margarine
4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
1 can Tomato Soup
1/3 cup water
1 tbsp. packed brown sugar
1 tbsp. vinegar
cups hot cooked white rice


Heat butter in skillet. Add chicken and cook until browned.

Add soup, water, sugar and vinegar. Heat to a boil. Cover and cook over low heat 5 min. or until done. Serve with rice.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Pickled Black-Eyed Peas

From: Richard Lee Holbert in Texas

Pickled Black-Eyed Peas
Serves 8

Black-eyed peas are a part of our African legacy. In this recipe they are marinated with vinegar and hot chile to create a savory dish that is also known as Texas caviar. The black-eyed peas can be eaten as a condiment or a
side dish.

Here, they are served in a lettuce cup as an appetizer. To save time during the busy holiday, this recipe calls for canned black-eyed peas, though the dish can also be made with fresh or frozen peas. It takes on a festive air
with the addition of dark purple, red, and green bell pepper. Note that the black-eyed peas must marinate overnight.

2 cans (1 pound each) black-eyed peas, drained
1/4 cup minced dark purple bell pepper
1/4 cup minced red bell pepper
1/4 cup minced green bell pepper
1 tablespoon finely minced garlic
1 small onion, minced
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1/3 cup olive oil
2 branches fresh thyme, crumbled
1 head Boston lettuce, separated into 8 leaves

Pour the drained black-eyed peas into a medium-sized bowl and add the bell peppers, garlic, and onion. In another bowl, combine the vinegars, olive oil, and thyme to form
the marinade. Pour the marinade over the black-eyed pea mixture, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight so that the flavors blend, stirring occasionally.
When ready to serve, place the lettuce leaves on individual plates, spoon the black-eyed peas onto the lettuce, and serve.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Gooey Cake

Got this from my friend in Orlando, Glen.
It ranks right up there with one of the best
cakes you have ever had.

Gooey Cake

Preheat oven to 350
Nuke one stick of butter till melted
Nuke another stick of butter - keep separate
Set out an 8 oz pack of cream cheese to soften

In large bowl:
one stick of melted butter
one plain yellow cake mix
1 egg
1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup coconut

Mix on low speed until the batter forms into a ball. Get's real hard to

Press flat into a 13" x 9" pan and smooth till even

In same bowl (no cleaning necessary)

softened cream cheese
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
the other stick of melted butter
3 1/2 cups powdered sugar

put the cream cheese in first and beat on low till it's fluffy

add the eggs, vanilla, and butter and beat on medium for about a minute

add the powdered sugar then beat till its all blended

Pour this mixture over the other in the pan and smooth out till it's all
covered and even.

Bake about 45 minutes. When it's done the top will be golden brown but
still soft and a bit liquid to the touch.

Let pan cool on wire rack about a half hour before serving.